1. Assemble your crew
2. Make a new original song & music video from samples & assigned prop
3. 48 hours
4. Winning Team gets $$$ & free feedback from Artist Managers

Beat Weekend: Sandbox Mode

TBD 2020

Previous Beat Weekend:

Greater Los Angeles, February 7-9

Hub 101
31416 Agoura Road #105
Westlake Village, CA

Beat Weekend™ All Rights Reserved 2020. A subsidiary of Innovation Propulsion Labs.

© Untitled. All rights reserved.


Songs/Music Video should be 2 to 3 minutes. Please keep it within this range.

You must use one of the 5 samples. More than one is allowed. [samples are all in .wav files]

You are permitted to manipulate the sample (speed up, slow down, layer, etc.) However, it must be
clear and obvious the sample was used in the song.

You must clearly use the physical prop in your music video. The more creative and prominent its use the
better score.

No nudity in videos. Keep it PG-13
Lyrics also must be PG-13 and may not include racial or insensitive words. No tolerance. Automatic disqualification.

Finished product must be completely uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo by 5pm EST Sunday.

Submit link to video by hitting the submit video button.

Some legal: we are not responsible for any copyright infringement. If it's original, you own the music and the music video, we just ask for permission to share it on our website, Instagram or YouTube so we can spread the love of Beat Weekend.

Thank you!